Fresno EV Wrecker Broker License Training

As the California economy converts to all electric vehicles there will be significant pressure for the towing industry to make the same conversion. Her are a few ideas.

Some fleet managers with a significant footprint may be unable to immediately convert to all electric.

Conversion of your existing fleet to electric units may be one answer.

…or you may want to consider this:

Is the RAM Revolution going to be the first mass produced electric tow truck?

Will PG&E be the key to electric fleet success?

Will CARB incentives/penalties convice you to upgrade your fleet?

Will this Fresno program become the state model?

Dodge RAM has some unique electric truck plans

What are the best electric trucks currently available?

The extended range RAM has excellent towing statistics

Lion Electric is producing a unique electric truck

How to outfit your electric cab & chassis setup

How many companies make electric towing trucks?

The front runners for electric tow trucks

Does Freightliner have the answer?

What EV Broker / Dealers need to know

California incentives being considered

Electric vehicle white paper 5 years ago

Is the Bollinger B4 the one to watch?

Will electric vehicle manufacturer ALKE step up with a zero wrecker?

Electric Towing is different

Bollinger may be the market leader for zero wrecker supply.

Tesla may have the answer and may become a major supplier of electric tow truck cab & chassis.

Will published towing instructions change with an upgraded all electric fleet of tow trucks?

SEA Electric has electric wreckers in stock.

Is Phenix Enterprises the one to watch?

Perhaps the Bollinger B2CC is the wrecker for you.

AAA provides emergency electric vehicle charging.

Is NRC Industries the one to watch for innovative zero wrecker production?

Is International ready to deliver zero wreckers?

Will industry leader Jerr-Dan engineer the first generation of all electric wreckers for your fleet?

The Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) is a joint program provided by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the local transportation agency. The FSP program is a free service of privately owned tow trucks that patrol designated routes on congested urban California freeways. Typically, FSP operates Monday through Friday during peak commute hours, and all day in pre-designated freeway construction zones. In heavily congested freeway corridors it is becoming more commonplace for FSP to operate during the midday and on weekends/holidays in addition to the weekday peak period service.

The California Highway Patrol FSP Manual

The California Highway Patrol Tow Service Agreement 2022

California Zero Wrecker Incentive Programs

California Clean Air Incentives

‚Äč‚ÄčOver 350 tow trucks operated by CHP trained, certified and supervised drivers patrol in excess of 1,750 miles of freeways in the state. The combined statewide operation directly assists more than 650,000 stranded motorists per year.

We look forward to discussing your zero wrecker needs.


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